Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Friday, 2 March 2018

Friday Frenzy

Hello parents and students, 

We had a very busy Friday leading into the weekend. We began with an awards assembly. In our class Suhana and Rishabh won the awards for being open-minded. Congratulations both of you!

We also have BIG news. St.Jude's Academy is now affiliated with an official soccer club called St. Jude's FC. Students of St.Jude are given a 33% discount that will allow them to join the club and play competitively with other soccer clubs this spring and summer (starting most likely April to September). The students will be working with excellent coaches and going to competitions on the weekend. Practices will be held (most likely) right after school twice a week. In April, besides the soccer field, the students will have a chance to play in our official soccer dome! I think this is a great opportunity!! The students have been given forms (I can e-mail extras), they should try to submit the form as soon as possible. 

In math, we began by taking up the homework. We also did some examples as a class all together. 

1. In a bag of jelly beans 4/40 are orange. There is an equal chance of getting blue, yellow and red. What is the theoretical probability of getting each number?

orange = 4 jellybeans       
So I have 36 jellybeans still left but I need an equal number of                                          blue, yellow and red. 
   36÷3= 12 each                So I have 12 blue, 12 yellow and 12 red. 

2. I have jellybeans in a jar. If I pull out 4 red, 4 yellow and 2 blue in 10 turns. What is the theoretical probability of getting red if I take 100 turns (put in fractions and percent)? 

   =        40      
10   x10   100      
 I multiplied the bottom by 10 to I have to multiply the top as well. 
Percentage is out of a 100 so probability is 40%. 

The students then learned about tree diagrams. Here is a video that can further explain those if they get stuck. For the weekend, I have given extra math review homework (show what you know). We will be doing more review on Monday and then the quiz is on Tuesday. The answers for the review as well as extra practice are posted below. 

Please note: You do not have to complete question 5d on the Show Your Work -- last page

In UOI, the students all worked on their projects. Most people are either finished or at almost finished, on Monday I will give students the final chance to fix their projects before the big day. 

In language, the students started writing their final reflection. For the final reflection the students have to answer 4 questions in depth about changes in their health; the students needed to use their daily summaries, tracker as well as the answers to their questions to create this final reflections. The answers must be 2-4 full sentences, however the students are allowed to add more. Additionally, the students may make their reflection creative by presenting it the way they want with pictures (hand-drawn or taken), typed-answers and etc. This is due Monday. 


  • Math: Complete the tree diagram worksheets (video for help) and the Show What You Know.  Probability quiz tentative day Monday, March 5.
    • Show what you know answers: Link
    • Extra worksheets: Link
  • UOI: no homework, Tuesday March 6 we will have an open house Body World Exhibit from 3:00-3:30pm parents are all invited to come see the amazing body system projects that the students have made. 
  • Language: Write final reflection journal and tracker and create creative component
  • Spirit week is next week: Monday PJ day, Tuesday Superhero/Princess day, Wacky Wednesday (soccer game),  Thursday sports day (science centre trip so full uniform is required), Friday St.Patricks day (ski trip)
  • Thursday, March 8 science centre field trip 
  • Friday, March 9 ski trip 

A note about Scholastic Book Order- Orders are due Friday March 9th. 
Payments can be made using Cheque or Parent Pay, (NO CASH

PARENT PAY -  If a parent would like to use Parent Pay then can log on to 
parentpay.scholastic.ca/pay  and enter the following credentials:

Province -  Ontario
City - Mississauga
School - St Judes Academy
Teacher - Dawn Goulart 

A note from Ms. Bancud regarding March lunch orders – March hot lunch payments are due this Friday. 

A note from Ms. Ross – After care payments for February need to be paid please.

A note about March Break Camp - Registration forms were sent home back in October. We have had many students sign up since then and especially the last few days. If you are interested in registering your child for our amazing March Break camp, please send in the completed registration form, along with the $20 one-time non-refundable deposit in order to secure your child's spot (this could be paid in cash or through fresh books). This year there are two options to chose from the first being lunch and two snacks provided or the second being send your own packed lunch and a discounted camp rate! We also have daily rates available. Please contact Ms. Smith bsmith@stjudesacademy.com for more details.

Have a great weekend, 


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