Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Monday, 11 June 2018

Coding Showcase Monday

Hello parents and students,

I hope everyone is having a great day so far. We had a very busy day today.

We did a final showcase to the Grade 4 classes. It was amazing and I am so proud of the projects that the students have completed. You may see the projects here. Here are the pictures from today.

Today, we reviewed adding and subtracting fractions and then completed our fraction check. Then we learned about changing fractions to percents and decimals. The key is to make an equivalent fraction with 100 as the denominator! Here is a great video that will help. 

Today, we started learning about the common mistakes that we all continue to make. Our focus today was on COMMAS. We started with learning the rules about commas, and then students completed a commas challenge. Tonight, for homework they have to complete practice comma sheets (iMessage conversations).


  • Math: Exploring percents and Relating fractions, decimals, percents 
  • Language: Complete practice sheets on commas 
  • Bring in promotion day forms if haven't already
  • Sign-up for picnic potluck here!
  • Please bring in all textbooks and novel study books by tomorrow 
  • Please bring in extra bags to carry things from classroom home in (last day for uniforms so everything goes home!)
Schedule Next Week:
  • Tuesday: Last day for uniforms, IB binders, pack-up class (take things home)
  • Wednesday: Wear House Colours (HOUSE CUP), Play day in the afternoon #Thetaforthewin
  • Thursday: World Cup day - wear your favourite soccer team colours!, Grade 5 Picnic Potluck
  • Friday: Last day of school! Promotion ceremony 12:00-1:00pm 
Have a great night, 


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