Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tenacious Tuesday

Hello parents and students,

It was pancake day today as well as a hundred day of school! We started off the day with a house game and the pancake competition. Zeta was the true winner today because they won the pancake competition as well as the house games! Here are some pictures from the event.

In math today, we first took up the math homework in our round tables. We went through intervals again to the students that were confused and I covered the big idea question on the last sheet. Today, the students learned about line graphs and how we can INFER data from them. Tonight, for homework they should complete page 127 before page 70-71. Here is a link to a video on creating line graphs.

Next, we completed our spelling test. Spelling lesson # 19 is not going to be until Tuesday when we come back from the long weekend (workbook and spelling test).

After lunch, we turned our classroom into a fashion studio and our kindergarten reading buddies came over for a fashion show. They all walked down a run-way while we played music and we got to see what 100 items looks like to represent 100-days! Here are some pictures from the event.

In UOI, the first half was spent finishing our handout for the different body systems. In the second half, we completed a stations activities all about the digestive stations.

The BODY stations were:
Station A: The BODY World Wide (technology station)

Station B: BODY Burning Questions (Test each others knowledge) 

Station C: AnyBODY comprehend 
  • Complete the worksheets, they may use the handout made by the other group
  • This is for homework 
Station D: Move your BODY (hands-on activities) 
  • Complete a digestion activity using bread and water!
Here are some pictures from the stations. Over the next few days, they will complete other station activities for the other body systems. 

  • Math: Line graphs (page 127 then page 70-71) -- Here is a link to a video on creating line graphs. 
  • Language: Hatchet Chapter 18, Spelling lesson # 20 due Tuesday
  • UOI: Complete digestive system worksheets (looks for links in the blog for help) 
  • Bring in money to buy chocolate roses from Jayden
  • Valentine Spirit Day (wear red, pink and white) 
  • Raise money for Heart and Stroke (Jump Rope) 
Have a great night, 


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