Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Dear parents and students, 

It was back to routine for us today and wow, did we feel it! We started the day off with our math data-management pre-test. Afterwards, we did our first lesson which was all about interpreting data. We also learned the meaning of two words: infer (describe or tell information about a graph/table), and range (the lowest to the highest value). Tonight, for homework the students have to read various graphs and tables and infer information from them. 

We combined UOI and language together today. We first learned all about the new unit, Human Body, by watching an introduction video, here is the link. We then discussed the big picture idea. 
This year, we will only focus on organism to organ (tissues will be discussed a little bit with muscles). The only organ systems focused on this year are the respiratory, the nervous, the circulatory, the digestive, and the musculoskeletal systems. The students then began a group reading comprehension activity. They were all provided with a website and they have to work together to create a "handout" for the class. They will present this to the class and everyone will get a copy of the informational hand-out. I provided them will an example sheet and presentation by doing the musculoskeletal system. They will work on this tomorrow and they may chose to type up using the blank. Here is the blank copy. 

We also had a chance to visit our reading buddies, here are some pictures of them. 

Finally, but not least. I am proud to announce the speech finalists from our class that will be presenting on Friday: David, Christiaan, and Miriam. Congratulations to these three and to all the other students as well. I was so amazed at all the effort and work you put in, Ms. Walls said it was such a tough decision to pick the final three!! 


  • Math: Intrepreting Data (5 sheets)
  • Language: spelling test Friday, read Chapter 15 tonight 
  • UOI: no homework 
  • remember to re-register to be in Ms.Haag's class
Have a great evening, 


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