Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Friday, 8 December 2017

Frenzy Friday

Hello parents and students,

I hope everyone is having a great evening so far. Today, the students had a very busy day. We started off with the students doing math discussions and then we continued learning about making triangles and polygons. Over the weekend, the students have to complete the triangle and polygon worksheet, along with the worksheets on parallel lines. Here are some pictures from math today.

Next, in language the students continued working on their summative Percy Jackson projects. I have given the students extension until next week so that they can continue making these amazing projects.

UOI was very tough today because the students got to experience how difficult it is to classify organisms based on the little information you know about them. It is the true situation that real researchers and scientists have to face. Here are pictures from the challenge activity where the students had to split 33 organisms into the 5 kingdoms and then discuss characteristics about them.

For homework, the students have to match kingdom with the corresponding information and organism pictures. Here are some videos that will help with the homework: video 1, video 2(spelling slightly different) and video 3. Next week, we will continue learning about the 5 kingdoms.


  • Math: complete triangles/polygon and parallel worksheets
  • UOI: finish matching kingdom worksheet
  • French: practice avoir/etre/faire/aller conjugation 
  • Music: Practice for Christmas Concert
  • Think about bake sale December 12 (JK-2) christmas concert - bring in items that morning 
  • Bring in Toys for toy drive until December 21 
Check Out The Library Blog at https://libraryatsja.blogspot.ca/ to keep up to date with Library news and check out pictures by our Book Fair Student Crew Photojournalists of all the great work they've been doing to make our first Book Fair an exciting event.  Thanks for your support.

A note from our Librarian, Ms. Hayward - Our Very First Book Fair is Coming Soon – Yee-Haw!

“Saddle Up & Read” with the first Scholastic Book Fair at St. Jude’s Academy – December 7 to December 14. There will be lots of exciting books, posters, bookmarks, pens and pencils, etc. to choose from! Proceeds will go to buying great new books for our library. More Parent Volunteers are also needed.  If you’d like to help out please contact Ms. Hayward at hhayward@stjudesacademy.com

Upcoming Dates & Events

Thursday, December 7 – Thursday, December 14 – SJA first book fair

Friday, December 8 – December hot lunch payments due & math test

Tuesday, December 12 – JK-2 Christmas Concert

Tuesday, December 19 – Casual Day

Wednesday, December 20 – 3-8 Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 21 – Christmas Spirit Day and Last Day of School Before Christmas Break

Have a great weekend, 

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