Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Working Wednesday

Hello parents and students, 

I hope you are having a great afternoon so far. Today, we started off the day with math and our math discussion group. I found that the students got confused when using decimals, the trick that I use is to move the decimal to the right when going to a smaller unit and moving the decimal to the left when converting to a larger unit. 

We then learned about capacity and I introduced volume. The students completed a challenge for capacity; I gave the students 6  measuring containers with different capacities. All of the containers had the same amount of water except for 1, the students had to use their observation skills and the capacity of the container to figure out which one was different. There is a picture of the challenge below. The majority of the class, picked the 2nd one, Christiaan explained that he actually created fractions and estimated that number 2 was 1/5 of the container and that it was 200 mL! For homework tonight, the students have to complete worksheets on capacity. Here are two videos that help with conversion: from L to mL, and then  from mL to L

Next, in UOI the students worked with their research groups to combine their information and create their lessons. I have seen some great conversations and the students are really enjoying themselves. Here are some pictures from today. 

We also had the war memorabilia come in today, the students got a chance to try and experience the different items from World War II. Here are the pictures. 

  • Math: complete Capacity worksheets (2)
  • Language: Spelling test # 9 tomorrow (spelling book is due tomorrow as well) 
  • UOI: complete lesson on daily life  
  • Kindness day on Monday, please bring $2
  • First curling trip is Wednesday, November 15 - please bring form in by Monday
Have a great night, 


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