Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Monday, 22 January 2018

Many Things Monday

Dear parents and students, 

I hope everyone has had a great Monday so far. We had a very busy Monday. We started off with our math quiz, I have marked most of the quizzes and hopefully the students will get the results tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will continue the second-half of decimals specifically multiplying and dividing decimals. 

In language, we completed our first literature circle for Hatchet. I have marked all the literature circles; I found that majority of the students are making sure to give thorough answers. I would recommend that moving forward the students make sure that they do the following...

  • literary critic: students practice reading at home with enthusiasm, tone and pauses. 
  • discussion moderator: create only higher level questions using the chart
  • summarizer: make sure the summary is organized (beginning, middle, and end) and has all important details 
  • Connector: try to create higher-level connections 
In UOI time today, we focused on the speech and creating our rough copy. The students have been given a checklist that they have to follow and they will be working on that the rest of the week. 


  • Math: no homework 
  • Language: 
    • Spelling lesson #17 workbook/spelling test Friday
    • Read Hatchet Chapter # 5 
  • UOI: no homework
  • French: Practice for spelling test 
  • Ski trip - Wednesday, January 24
    • Be here at school by 6:30am 
    • Bring a change of clothes 
    • Wear warm casual clothes and snow pants must be worn (sunglasses are a good idea as well)
    • Bring a packed lunch with extra snacks and water
  • Aftercare is due on January 29. Please check your e-mails for FreshBook invoices

Have a great evening, 


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