Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Motivating Monday

Hello parents and students,

Welcome back to a new week. We started off the day with a very motivating presentation from the War Amps; encouraging students to accept each other’s differences. We will also now start collecting Twoonies for Terry (Terry Fox Run).

After the assembly, we had math. We took up the questions from Multiples of 10 and started Prime and Composite numbers. The new lesson was a relatively hard concept but the students seem to have picked it up. Just in case, here is a great video that reviews the concept. Additionally, I plan on having a Math Check (mini-quiz) to see student progress probably on Wednesday.

In language, we worked on our 2nd spelling lesson, it will be due on Friday.

In UOI, we checked our answers for the Changes of State sheet and we learned the difference between physical and chemical changes. For homework, students have to fill in a worksheet that checks their understanding between the two concepts. There are two videos that can help with this concept, 1st video and 2nd video.

·      Scholastic order due September 27, 2017
·      Please send Twoonies for Terry
·      Math: Pg. 46-47: 1 (a,c,e,g), 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 Challenge question 5
o  There will be a Math concept check on Wednesday
·      Language: Spelling due Friday
·      UOI: complete chemical and physical changes sheet

Have a great night everyone,


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