Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Tentative Schedule (adjusted Sept. 5)

Friday, 15 September 2017

The Firsts are Over

Hello parents and students, 

It's Friday! First week is over and we are well on our way. Today, we started the day with our spelling tests. The students did very well, some even got 2 bonus points. I have sent home the spelling books so you can all have a look. Any mistakes, not including bonuses, have to be written out 10x in the spelling book for Monday. 

After spelling, we had our math lesson. All the students did fairly well with common multiples. After checking their work, I found the most common errors happened because the students did not know their multiplication table. For those students I have sent home an extra worksheet. Additionally, I have told the students that they can always get more practice sheets from me, so if you feel your child struggled with a topic please let me know and I will provide them with the work. Continuing math, we did our next lesson, Multiples of 10. This is a grade 5 lesson and not in the grade 6 text so they did not have to bring their textbook over the weekend. Here is a picture of the children in math today. 

In UOI today, we reviewed our homework sheet and made sure to cover the key vocabulary. We then started discussing changes in states of matter. The students were given vocabulary and a chart and they had to work with their groups in a challenge to figure out which physical change occurred. Two groups were able to get to it fairly close and they earned TARGETS. The rest of the questions were set as homework. The video from yesterday's blog should help the student's if case they need help, here is the link again . Furthermore, the students were really curious about deposition, so here is a video showing the process.

Lastly, the students were given back their journals today, the second reading log is not marked because I want the students to self-assess themselves first. So I have provided them with log assessment entry sheets, they need to glue those into the journal and then review their entry before they write a new one. 

  • Spelling: Rewrite any wrong spelling words 10x
  • UOI: complete Changes of State worksheet
  • Math: complete multiple of 10s worksheet
  • Reading Log: complete self-assessment and then complete the next entry in your reading log
  • Scholastic due Sept. 27
  • October lunch orders need to be submitted: Please select my name in the drop-down :) 
Have a good weekend everyone, see you Monday, 


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